What Are the Advantages of Cat Boarding

Although cats seem like very independent, self-reliant creatures, they need a great deal of attention from their owners. Dogs receive that attention from spending time with their owners; cats do not, so they need to be boarded from time to time. Here’s why:

1. For Safety

It is perfectly appropriate to leave your dog with a sitter or in your car in the workplace. Dogs left home alone will bark, bark, and bark for attention. It is also perfectly fine to leave a cat at home with plenty of food, water, a litter box, and toys to keep it occupied. However, it is highly dangerous to leave a cat home alone.

Cats are predators, and they will hunt if they’re left home alone. They will stalk the family, possibly even attacking them. This can lead to an injury or even death. Cats are more likely to attack in the presence of strangers than dogs, so it is best to board them.

2. For Diet and Exercise

A pet that does not get a proper diet and enough exercise every day can lead to several health problems. Pet obesity is a growing problem, with over 50 percent of all pets in the US being overweight or obese. This leads to an earlier onset of arthritis and an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

When cats don’t get enough exercise, they can turn to destructive behaviors such as scratching, digging, and chewing. This can lead to allergies for people in the household due to the dust and fur. It can also lead to arthritis and other joint problems.

3. For Health

Cats are much less likely to get heartworm than dogs, but they can still get some of the worst complications from the disease. Cats can also get diabetes, kidney disease, and pancreatic disease. They are also more prone to bladder infections because their urine dries quickly and does not wash as easily away by their short fur as it does in a dog’s long hair.

Not only that, but cats are also more prone to getting parasites such as fleas, mites, and ticks. Because they are predators, they are also more likely to get infected by a bite from an infected rodent. Dogs will suffer the same diseases, but they have a much higher tolerance for them.

4. For More Toys and Treats

Cats are notorious for being picky eaters. This may be a matter of them needing cat food with the right amount of protein or vitamin content. They may need food that is lower in carbohydrates. It may be that they don’t like being fed in a bowl, or they pay more attention to the bowl than the food.

They may need a different method for feeding than your dog does, one that is more interactive. They may need a different set of toys from your dog, or they may need other methods of entertainment such as catnip. They may need more of the same or more variety from the same set of toys.


A cat will be happier and healthier when it is boarded from time to time. Cats that are boarded may need a complete diet change and more exercise routines, but they will be happier. Boarding is for the good of the cat’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

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