It's no secret. We have the best team around.

Thank you for choosing The Paw Resort. We appreciate the trust you put in us and we will work hard and try our very best to care for your pets while you can’t.

The Paw Owners


Being an owner of Brandon Hills Veterinary Clinic, but due to an unacceptable work environment, with sadness, Frank resigned much earlier than planned in 2013. …well maybe not retiring exactly – because he is such a great guy and really knows his stuff, clinics all around started calling him to help out here and there doing locums, and we all know what that led to… so when Frank is not doing appointments or surgery or helping in our groom room, he is the maintenance guy around here blowing snow, cutting grass, or fixing the vacuum and computers. His special outside interest is animal behaviour, which he constantly studies. Frank is also a very accomplished cellist, and we would like to give him a bit of time off so we could all enjoy listening to a recital or two! Meredeth the Long Coat Weim adores her dad and tells us how wonderful he is all the time… ssshh Merideth.


The power house behind The Paw Resort Joanne along with her Fabulous Fabio and Francesca, Wonderful William and Funny Fiona they run the day to day on goings here at the Resort. She has been an essential element to the rapid growth and organization that The Paw has transformed into. Joanne has incredible work ethic and perseverance that has made her the leader she is today. And unlike most she can get lots of work done by staying up until the wee hours of the morning and that happens regularly! When not busy grooming in her office (groom room) she can be found chatting with customers, researching, attending seminars, business meetings and caring for her staff family …. she finds herself not only being a mother of 4 but friend and advisor of 25 now!!!! Other than having to take time off while undergoing cancer treatments, Joanne rarely takes time off but when she does, best friend and hubby Frank is always close by. They like to spend time with their family, horses, dogs, birding and shopping for antiques.

The Paw Staff


After graduating in 2023 with a bachelors degree majoring in biology & minoring in psychology, Gabi began focusing on animal behavior and her true passion was discovered. She is highly interested in enrichment activities and playcare! We are lucky to have her here with us The Paw helping with development of our Muttesory Academy. Funny thing though Gabi thought she was most fond of big dogs and wants to get a St. Bernard of her own one day! BUT… after working with us for only a short time something magical happened and she discovered that she also loves the littles too ! oh oh… what ? With a drive to want the best for your dogs, she is happy to run around, carry and be silly with your pups! Big, little, boarding or playcare, she loves it all!


Introducing Olivia, the reigning monarch of small dogs’ hearts! With an infectious energy and heart full of compassion, Olivia stepped into the enchanting realm of The Paw in early 2022. Juggling her commitments as a high school student at Vincent Massey High School, this 17 year-old dynamo is a shining example of dedication and passion beyond her years.

Despite being one of the youngest members of our vibrant team, Olivias enthusiasm and love for animals are truly ageless. She’s a force to be reckoned with, proving that size truly doesn’t matter when it comes to making a big impact. At home, her heart and hearth are shared with an impressive feline family – six beautiful cats, each rescued stray with a tale to tell. The cast also includes two canine companions: Leo, the jovial Bernese Mountain Dog whose antics bring endless laughter, and Phoebe, the spirited husky cross who infuses every moment with boundless puppy energy.

While Olivia might be a versatile animal enthusiast, her heart finds its true home in the company of small doggies that grace The Paw. As she steps into the small dog room, her face lights up with joy, matching the twinkling eyes of her pint-sized furry friends. It’s no secret, if you are in search of Olivia, her natural habitat is admits these bundles of joy.

With every passing day, Olivia continues to redefine what it means to be young and passionate: Long live the queen of small dogs! A true inspiration to us all.


Kyra C.

Meet Krya, a passionate animal enthusiast whose childhood dream has blossomed into a fulfilling reality at The Paw. Since the tender age of 6, Krya’s heart has been captivated by the enchanting world of animals, nurturing a deep-seated desire to combine her affection for secretarial work with her unwavering love for dogs, cats, bunnies, and even birds.

An innate organizer, Krya thrives in creating order amidst the bustling world of four-legged and feathered companions. Her meticulous approach ensures that every corner of The Paw runs seamlessly, with a touch of her personal charm and devotion. Her dedication is a testament to her commitment, as there’s never a shortage of tasks for her to tackle.

Born in Brandon and later venturing to Germany, Krya’s journey has brought her full circle, back to her roots in Brandon, where she pursued her higher education. Her childhood was adorned by the presence of a loyal canine companion, and while she cherished the memories with her dog, an unbreakable bond with felines was always present. Presently, Krya finds herself in the midst of a charming chaos, as her cousin and roommate share their abode with five feline friends. The love for these furry creatures is boundless, even if it occasionally teeters on the edge of adding yet another feline family member – a temptation Krya’s cousin humorously warns against!

As the eldest among three siblings, Krya’s nurturing spirit extends beyond her animal companions. A self-proclaimed nerd, she takes refuge in the pages of her cherished books. The world of “The Lord of the Rings” holds a special place in her heart, inviting her to embark on countless journeys within its fantastical realms.

Krya’s journey from a young dreamer to a dedicated and organized animal-loving enthusiast is a testament to her unwavering passion. With each passing day at The Paw, she continues to embrace her childhood dream, leaving a paw-print of love, order, and devotion on every furry, feathered friend she encounters. We are so pleased she chose us!



Meet Ashley, the animal-loving dynamo who embarked on a journey from the heart of Minnesota. Her destination? None other than BU, where she set her sights on fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. Fast forward to 2023, and Ashley proudly dons a bachelor’s degree in biology, a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Ashley has an unwavering passion for our furry friends.. The love she holds for animals is beautiful. Witness her in action, a whirlwind of boundless energy, ensuring every task is tackled with gusto. And when she finally pauses to catch her breath, you’ll find her cradling a precious bundle of fur, providing comfort and care with a heart full of compassion.

Your pet’s are extremely lucky that she works here for them.

But Ashley’s devotion to animals doesn’t end when she clocks out. When she’s not working her “buns off l,” as she humorously puts it, at The Paw or advancing her veterinary skills, she’s immersed in quality time with her partner Graham and their very own furry family. Picture the scene: a loyal canine companion named Odin, and not one but two enchanting feline sidekicks, Jinx and Ciri. Together, they form a loving, animal-loving family that’s as heartwarming as it gets.



Our lovely Manroopjit, embarked on an incredible journey from India to the charming city of Brandon in 2019 with a dream of studying psychology. Her name itself reflects her essence: “Man” for heart, “Roop” for beauty, and “jit” for victory.

While Manroopjit may not have had an extensive background in pet care, her willingness to learn caught the eye of Joanne. Back in India, she couldn’t have pets at home, but she found solace in nurturing and educating the street dogs in her neighborhood. Joanne saw immense potential in her, and the decision to bring her into the team was an easy one.

Manroopjit has quickly become one of the team’s favorites, endearing herself to everyone with her warm and welcoming personality. Her unique touch includes brewing authentic Indian tea infused with the fragrant notes of cardamom and ginger, bringing a taste of India to her new friends at work.

In her role at the pet care center, Manroopjit excels in caring for all your furry friends’ needs. Her passion for animals and her innate ability to connect with them make her an invaluable addition to the team. The pets under her care are in for a treat, receiving love and attention as if they were her own.



Allow us to introduce you to Kseniya. We are honored and grateful to have her work along side of us. Kseniya is a brillant and compassionate veterinarian who hails from the city of Poltava in Ukraine. Her journey from Poltava to Canada is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her profession.

In Ukraine, Kseniya specialized in the care of animals with skin conditions, and today, she works alongside Doctor Nichols, contributing her valuable skills to his practice. Her love for animals dates back to a tender age, a passion that has remained with her since she was just 6 years old.

While Kseniya had to leave behind her two beloved cats and faithful dog during her move to Canada, her heart for animals continues to shine brightly. Beyond the clinic, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, such as camping, knitting, and cultivating a green sanctuary. In fact, she’s already nurtured an impressive collection of 15 avocado trees since her arrival in Canada.

Kseniya’s gentle spirit and love for nature make her a cherished member of her Canadian community, where she continues to make a positive impact in the lives of both people and animals not excluding the team and pets at The Paw.



Claudette is a dedicated animal lover with a rich and diverse background. She has a strong passion for animals and expresses it by providing exceptional care to the dogs at the PAW Resort and Wellness Center. In addition to her work at the resort, Claudette also contributes to her daughter’s farm, which houses a variety of animals, including dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats, and ducks.

Before her current role at the PAW Resort, Claudette had a long career as a CSA at Westjet, showcasing her commitment and versatility in various roles. She also gained experience at a horse training facility, demonstrating her extensive knowledge of animal care.

At the PAW Resort, Claudette wears many hats, ensuring that both the animals and the crew feel welcome and receive the assistance they need. Her active lifestyle is evident through her high step count, suggesting she’s always on the move.

Outside of work, Claudette enjoys spending summers at her seasonal campsite in Killarney with her husband Ken and two daughters. She’s also an avid traveler, having explored many places, including Vancouver, where her oldest daughter resides. Her involvement in Quartet “Unique”, which won the Best New Voice award from the Manitoba Choral Association, showcases her musical talents.

Claudette is known for her big heart and willingness to help both people and their furry friends whenever they need assistance. Her warm and caring nature is a valuable asset to the PAW Resort and Wellness Center. If you ever hear someone humming a tune at the resort, it’s likely Claudette, adding a touch of music to the animals’ lives.



Keira, the hero behind the scenes, plays a pivotal role in our playcare and boarding areas, where her hands-on approach shines. With a soft spot for our larger canine friends, she takes great pleasure in their care and well-being.

Organization is her forte, and she thrives on creating meticulous lists that keep everything running smoothly. But Keira’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop there – she’s our go-to driver for The Paw Van, embodying her love for the open road. Her dedication and knack for orderliness make her an invaluable member of our team.



Jasmine, a delightful addition to our front desk team, who joined us in April 2022. Her wealth of customer service experience and her recent completion of Web Design studies at ACC in Brandon two years prior made her a seamless fit for our team. Jasmine has a natural affinity for both people and pets, thanks to her upbringing surrounded by animals, making her perfectly at ease in her role.

At home, Jasmine shares her life with her husband and a captivating Great Pyrenees named Ghost (Town) – a clever choice of name, (get it?) adopted in December 2022. Their family also includes three senior cats with distinct personalities: Moose, Dean, and Oz.

In her cherished moments of leisure, Jasmine revs things up a notch by hitting the open road on her motorcycle. But when it’s time to unwind, she immerses herself in the world of video games, indulging in thrilling adventures from the comfort of her own home. With her vibrant personality and diverse interests, Jasmine brings a unique flair to our team and we are so happy to have her.



Another one of our strong men,introducing Colby, one of our dedicated pet specialists known for his gentle and calming presence, which is a true asset when it comes to helping our shyer animal friends feel at ease. He may not say much, but his quiet energy speaks volumes.

Colby is a hometown hero, born and raised right here in Brandon. His own dog, Archie, is a cherished part of his life, and they make quite the dynamic duo. When he’s not caring for our furry clients, Colby enjoys spending quality time with his friends, often heading to their cabin. There, they engage in relaxed activities like ping-pong, bonfires, and leisurely walks with their dogs.

But Colby has another passion, one that gets his heart racing – hockey. He’s an avid fan and makes regular trips to Grand Forks to catch the University of North Dakota hockey games. His love for the sport mirrors his dedication to our pet care team, where his calm demeanor and genuine care make a world of difference to our beloved animal visitors.



And now for Liam, a country boy with a heart as vast as the 400-acre farm he calls home, located just west of Brandon. His deep-seated love for animals has been a lifelong affair, stemming from his earliest days. In school, Liam’s eyes would light up when he had the chance to share stories about his beloved canine companions.

At a tender age, Liam ventured into the world of English riding, a passion that has taken him to numerous events and horse shows. His parents proudly attest to his innate talent in the saddle, and we can’t help but notice that his natural affinity extends to our four-legged friends as well. We are so happy to have him work with us at The Paw his go to line seems to be “Sure I can do that for you.“

In his free time, Liam can be found riding across the sprawling fields, nurturing baby sheep, and engaging in spirited play with his pets. But it’s not all work and no play – he knows how to strike a balance by gathering around bonfires with his closest friends, creating memories at his rural haven.



This is our Kyan! A true Brandon native whose roots run deep in this charming city. As he would tell you with a hint of humor, Kyan is “predictably” an enormous animal lover. In our team, he’s known as the gentle giant, as no dog is too big or too small for his boundless affection. There’s a magical quality about Kyan – dogs of all sizes seem to pick up on his serene and cheerful disposition and simply melt in his presence. His dream is to dedicate his entire life to the well-being of animals, a goal he passionately pursues.

When Kyan isn’t busy showering pets with love and care, he enjoys immersing himself in the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons. As a dedicated host and player, he weaves tales of adventure and wonder, sharing fun moments with friends. But that’s not all – Kyan really enjoys spending time with his husky Kenai and on a weekend likes going for drinks with friends.



Michelle, a valuable addition to our pet care team since January 2023, and she’s been loving every moment of it. Her favorite part of the day at The Paw? The serene morning walks that set the perfect tone for the day. Our favorite moments when she is not caring for your pets is when she is helping us with all of our art projects whether it be the signs or just turkey cards! She always says “of course I’d be excited to help with that!”

At home, Michelle shares her life with her partner, Drew, and their trio of feline friends: Wesley, Oliver, and Toby. While she considers herself a cat person at heart, her affection for our canine companions is undeniable. You might even catch her sneaking them a treat or two when no one’s looking!

Michelle’s creativity knows no bounds. Whether it’s refinishing furniture, painting, or embarking on exciting DIY projects, she’s always in the midst of a new creation. Michelle embodies the spirit of “I can make it myself,” bringing innovation and creativity to everything she touches..

Michelle loves participating in marathons together. Michelle recently conquered the Queen City Marathon in Regina, covering an impressive 42.2 kilometers, and the Manitoba Marathon in Winnipeg, completing a challenging 20 kilometers.



Tara Surprenant is a passionate dog lover whose life revolves around her two four-legged companions, Ghost, a Shepsky, and Jethro, her loyal Beagle. Formerly immersed in the world of IT, Tara has since transitioned her career path to follow her heart’s calling and now works at “The Paw,” where her dedication to dogs shines through.

When she’s not at work, Tara can often be found outdoors, camping alongside her beloved dogs and her husband. Her adventurous spirit extends beyond the woods, as she also loves traveling to Mexico, making unforgettable memories with her family and exploring new horizons.

Tara’s unwavering love for dogs is not just a part of her life; it’s at the very core of who she is, shaping her journey and enriching her world one pawprint at a time.



Allow us to introduce Maddi, one of our dedicated pet care specialists. Hailing from the province of Alberta, Maddi’s childhood was a menagerie of pets galore. Her mother, a skilled groomer, instilled in her a deep love for animals, and that passion has stuck with her ever since.

With a wealth of experience in animal care, gained through her work in boarding and playcare settings, Maddi has seamlessly integrated into our team. She effortlessly connects with our furry residents, making their stay all the more comfortable.

Off the clock, Maddi finds solace at home, where she indulges in some well-deserved relaxation with her husband, her charming rabbit Luna Moon, and Nala her spirited kitten that has just a touch of “torti-tude” Although recently purchasing a home new to them relaxing may be hard thing to find for awhile!



Meet Emma, an unwavering animal enthusiast with a knack for noticing the finest of details. Hardworking by nature, she’s been immersed in the company of furry companions her entire life, making her a true animal aficionado. Manroopjit has hired Emma on the side to give her a hand in making our tic toc videos, they seem to have a great time doing it and trust us they are a force to be reckoned with!

When she’s not exploring new destinations through her travels or enjoying the company of friends, Emma finds her true joy in the care and companionship of the animals she works with. There’s a special place in her heart for the wrinkly ones, whose unique charm she can’t resist. Emma’s dedication and affection shine through in every interaction, making her a beloved caregiver for our furry guests.



Connor is our anchor! Often known as “Ask Connor,” seems like he has been with us forever ( maybe because he has) We love summer because we see more of him as he takes on extra shifts. Currently Connor is studying to become a lawyer (secretly we hope he has to re-do something so we can keep him longer!) Connor displays patience and passion when working with our other staff and your furry family members. He goes to great lengths to ensure that your pet is safe, happy and very comfortable at all times. Connor seems to see the good in everybody and every pet that stays with us. He takes the time to let them relax and always has a calming voice and soft touch. Connor is one of our tall boys, our own personal ladder when you just can’t seem to find that darn stepping stool….and we ALL use him to fetch things for us! In his down time, he enjoys volunteering at the Brandon Humane Society and spending time with his chocolate lab Clark. Rumour has it he is one heck of a curler one not to reckon with for sure. He is a very good sport always attending all our extra events, lending an extra hand not Paw related and being teased about having his own harem of woman. Connor traded in his spanky wheels for an even spankier truck that you may see leading the way up Mt.Paw or rescuing other staff in blizzards!



Tara quickly became one of the Paw family in September 2014 and is known as the eyes and ears of our team! Whether she is taking charge of the front desk responsibilities with her PAWsitive and cheery attitude, greeting you with her warm heartfelt smile or snapping those cute birthday pictures and congratulation posts on Facebook. Tara has a phenomenal attention to detail and is always busy behind the scenes working on various projects with her magical ability to multitask. She treats all of our guests like her own and will often be found cuddling your cat or loving up your dog on her lap…yep even if it’s a 70lb pup! At home Tara has three pets of her own, a sweet cat Burnaby and lovable dog Bosu who likes to hitch a “CAR RIDE” with her to have a play at work! Her newest addition is a sweet Shepherd/Lab cross named Vega. They have attended several of our training classes learning in leaps and bounds, exceling in all! In her down time, you might find Tara stopping traffic to rescue kittens on bridges, doing yoga, spending time with her family and getting her extra fix of animals by volunteering at Brandon’s Humane Society! She has to remind herself the guests at our resort have families of their own…or she’d be taking them all home with her!


With always having a love and passion for animals, Denzell started working at our resort as a pet care specialist in 2014. She kept busy walking pups, feeding, cleaning, administering medications and ensuring a safe and happy environment for the guests. The spring of 2017 came around and it was BUSY BUSY BUSY ….. so the gals at the front desk kinda sorta stole Denzell to help them out. She was the perfect fit and now she is a full time pet care representative! In charge of answering the phone, booking pets in for playcare, boarding or grooming while always greeting our customers with her beautiful kind smile. Her organizational skills and attention to detail ensure nothing is ever missed! Not even a puppy in her jacket pocket at the end of the day…! Denzell enjoys getting to know all of the dogs and cats that come to our resort, whether it be for a few hours or a few weeks. Another one of Denzell’s duties is to choose the pet of the week and post the winner on Facebook so always a good idea to stay on her good side, wink wink! Not yet a pet owner herself, she gets her fix of dogs and cats coming into the resort and hopes to get a Golden Retriever of her very own in the future!


Jennifer joined our team in October 2016 and quickly became a valuable asset to keeping things running smoothly with her dedication, attention to detail and organizational skills, (not to mention her fantastic memory) from booking reservations, scheduling appointments, responding to emails and welcoming your furry family members into our resort with a warm inviting smile. Our groomers tend to share the hair and Jennifer has an ongoing job dusting all of the retail merchandise. With a family of her own that includes 2 boys, she’s always kept busy after hours as a Mom. When she isn’t working with animals, she enjoys camping in the summer and can be found skating and tobogganing in the winter with her family, but look out for her on the roads cause she drives one big mother of a truck if you don’t see her coming you should for sure hear her.


Tiffany has been working with animals since she was old enough to have a job! She eagerly joined our team as a Pet Care Specialist in September 2014 and has loved every second of it! Her love for animals started at a very early age, dressing her cats up and taking them for stroller rides and they didn’t seem to mind one bit! Tiffany is always able to quickly get to know the pets and understand each one’s individual personality. While walking dogs has always been her favorite, she adores being in the Zoom Room with the little pups piling on top of her. She looks forward to making cozy and inviting beds for your pet and tucking them in. Her hard-working attitude and attention to detail ensure each and every guest always has the best time possible at our resort! She is often found giving extra TLC to the new visitors that are nervous and need a little extra loving – she makes sure they get spoiled with their favorite treats and lots of hugs and snuggles! Tiffany always welcomes a loving puppy smooch or a friendly kitty cuddle.

In 2017, Tiffany spent a month in Bali receiving her Blissology yoga teacher certification. She was in a bicycle accident while on holiday after her training that required intensive spinal surgeries and long recovery of healing. Although you may not have crossed paths with her over the last two years, she has been spending time at home resting, healing and rehabilitating. We are happy to finally have her back with us at The Paw! As she is slowly building herself back up, she has been helping the girls up front and is thrilled to be back sharing tons of love with your furry family. While at home, she enjoys sharing time with her two sweet orange tabbies Bodhi + Burnaby and her lovable dog, Nalu. She also loves sharing her passion for yoga and meditation throughout the community and hopes to one day bring DOG YOGA into our resort!


Monica Monica can’t say it without singing like Phebe does… is our pet care specialist who works really hard to give your pet a “home away from home” experience when they come stay at our resort! Monica has been working with our guests since …. since forever! And has had perfect attendance so none of the pets get sad because she is ALWAYS here for them. She not only takes care of their physical needs, but also gives words of encouragement, extra pats on the head and cuddles of course. She takes the time to get to know each pet with their own unique personality and absolutely loves working with them. While she is hard at work making our resort shiny and spotless, she quietly slips off to give your pet some extra TLC, with a genuine smile on her face! All our Resort guests know and love Monica. Monica grew to up on a farm and currently lives on an acreage. She has always been an animal lover… which is why she couldn’t be more perfect for our team! We love Monica


Well, you would think Jessica worked here her whole life! This gal came to us pre-programmed, no coaching required! Jessica has a true passion for pets of all kinds, lots of common sense, a very good eye, reliable and always on time with a beautiful smile and a super nice attitude. When things get tuff around here, the tuff get going and that’s Jessica – she likes things CLEAN. No germs in this place and smell good, yep just like flowers!!! Jessica is not afraid of hard work and skittles around here making sure everything is 100%. Always having a strong love and desire to care for animals of all kinds she decided to better her knowledge and graduated with her Veterinary Office Assistant Diploma in 2016. Lucky for us she decided to join our team and work at The Paw on the weekends…. We are doing our best to convince her to work full time, but we will see 🙂 During the week she loves spending time at home and being with her toddler son and their Boxer/Rottweiler (who believes he’s her lap dog) and kitty cat.


Doria caught on here in a blink of an eye. Having a very good work ethic and soft heart for animals she is a perfect fit for our team and your pets. For a long time Doria has worked with Rescue horses and has developed a good eye when looking at animals making sure they are eating, drinking, looking and feeling ok. Health, first aid and nutrition are a specialty …. Not only all your pets but we have also grown to like Doria very quickly it was easy because she is just a lovey lady.


Ashley-Joy started working at The Paw Resort as a Pet Care Attendant back in 2014. She was a real “JOY” to have (heehee) and fit in right away with the rest of the bunch. Ashley is crazy organized and that’s great for us. Very quickly she was promoted to Pet Care Specialist and then transitioned up to the front to absolutely rock at the reception desk. Did we mention how crazy organized she is?? Keeps everybody on their toes, nary a mistake is made when she’s on duty! Ashley took a couple of years off to start her own human family. She and hubby Josh have two children Cordelia and John-Terry. They have two orange tabbies; Toby & Diesel and we can hardly wait for the newest arrival, coming real soon… an English Springer Spaniel puppy named Blue. Ashley grew up with dogs and cats her whole life and they hold a special place in her heart. She is excited that her two children will have the opportunity to grow up with animals like she did! While working with Ashley it is very clear how much she cares about, loves and shows her immense respect for the dogs and cats on an individual level. One of her favorite and fun things to do while working up front is reading the personalized notes from their parents. When the opportunity arose for her to come back she jumped on it and says she is so excited to be back, to see some old faces and meet some new furry friends. Did we mention how pleased we are to have her back too!

The Paw Volunteers


Often referred to as the crazy cat lady, comes here on a regular basis, not really to work as such but more to hang out in the cat room. Julieann is retired from the Brandon University now but never going to retire from cat work. All her life she has had cats and at the moment she is sporting five senior rescue cats.. but that can always change. When at our resort Julieann devotes one to one time with each cat that is spending time with us. She pets, strokes, brushes and combs….she gives treats, grasses, and ….she talks to them, reads to them and laughs at them. Coming here is just as good for her as it is for our guests. Julieann also has a soft spot for Shelties and always has at least one at her heals at any given moment.


Magical Shirl is our seasonal decorator and advisor, thank goodness! She can just walk by something straighten it out or move it and it looks 100 times better. She is always eager to lend us a hand,always helping out, attending and participating in our extra events. Another really good thing about Shirl is she regularly brings us food and treats (mostly healthy of course) Shirl works hard at The Paw and can often be found in the small dog room or our cattery – she just loves them all. She knows lots of our regulars and makes friends easily putting our finicky felines and wee pups at ease. Lots of times she comes and chats with Joanne all the while sweeping and dusting off the bits of hair the groomers sometimes make !!! David is big and very very strong, he easily walks the tough guys and can lift anything we ask him to. Shirl and hubby David own a great big Golden Retriever named Arthur and three gorgeous rescue cats that keep them entertained at home. EVERYONE adores David and Shirl and we are blessed to have them at The Paw.

Staff Reviews

“The Paw is one of the best working environments I’ve ever worked in. There is always a positive attitude from not only Joanne and Frank, but all the other staff as well. It was like having a second family. Everyone works hard together to make sure all the pets have the best stay possible. Joanne and Frank also take time out of their day to teach employees on animal behaviour, grooming, and animal tricks. It was truly my favourite job to this day. ”


“My first day at The Paw was about seven years ago now. The day I walked into the building for my interview, I knew I had to work here. The building is beautiful and was nothing that I imagined a pet boarding kennel would be like. The Paw is much more, it is nothing shy of a resort! The work environment is light and positive. We are considered a family not just a group of employees. Joanne and Frank, well you couldn’t ask for better people to work for. They strive every day to make sure your work experience is the best it can be. Even giving you room to grow and step into new positions, along with educating you along the way. Working for The Paw Resort and Wellness Centre isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. You must have a passion for animals and caring for them. The pets may come in at the beginning of their stay as someone else’s but by the end of their stay you grow connections with them, knowing their eating habits, favorite toys and who their best friends are. In between schooling and work placements, you could say working here is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I have been back twice now! ”


“This is the best job I could ask for, and I’m always thankful that Frank and Joanne have given me the opportunity to work here. Keep doing what your doing! ”