The Dog Daycare Questions You Need to Ask Today

Nowadays, there are several doggie daycares and facilities available. Swimming pools, memory foam mattresses, home-cooked goodies, and tennis courts are now available at doggie daycares.

Choosing a dog daycare might be difficult with all of the bells and whistles. Before registering your dog for a playdate, consider our suggestion and read on to discover the dog daycare questions you need to ask today.

Question #1: What Vaccinations Does My Dog Require?

Rabies, parvovirus, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, canine influenza, and bordetella are more common in daycare dogs.

Ensure that the daycare requires your dog to receive any standard preventative therapy in your area (such as fecal examinations or heartworm testing and prevention).

Question #2: How Do I Know If My Dog Needs Daycare?

Dogs who are social and active do well in daycare.

Your dog should do well in daycare if he or she has gotten excellent training. Dogs who have had formal training are more socialized and are less likely to get overstimulated in daycare.

Canines that are not ideal for puppy daycare are nervous, timid dogs, especially when faced with other dogs or strangers.

Question #3: Who Will Be Looking After My Dog?

Larger groups outperform smaller ones. Limit your dog’s playmates to no more than three.

Five [dogs] get more hazardous depending on the individual. When a pack forms, the behaviour of its members can shift. They are unresponsive when they go. They’re getting closer.

Question #4: Are All the Staff Trained and Certified?

Although all daycare and pet care professionals should be well-trained and socially competent, this is not always the case. At least one supervisor or daycare director should have the necessary training.

Check to see if a certified supervisor is sharing sensitive information with lower-level employees. It is beneficial if the manager is certified and provides in-house training.

Determine the vacancy rate at the childcare. Low turnover indicates that personnel are fairly compensated and treated, which will be reflected in the level of care provided to your dog.

Question #5: How are clients treated?

The way pets are cared for is often the most obvious indication of a well-run childcare center.

Even if you visit on a regular basis, staff should learn about your dog’s likes and qualities. They should at least know your pet’s name and genuinely ask how your dog is doing.

Remember, the person in charge of your pet will greet you and your pet at the best doggie daycares.

Question #6: How Do Employees React to Dogfights?

To prevent fights, the daycare should screen all dogs and segregate them into playgroups, but if one does occur, you should learn the staff’s response or protocols. After all, dogs are illiterate. Conflict and other issues arise as a result.

Staff training is critical for preventing these incidents. Workers who have received adequate training can spot reactive or rough play. If the daycare worker fails to identify violent play, your dog may get a severe injury.

Check if the daycare can separate dogs if necessary and that your dog will have a private room. They can remain cool if issues emerge.


Any repsonsible pet owner should know how well their pets are treated inside a dog daycare. As fur parents, we must take it upon ourselves to do our research and find the best facility for our dogs while we are apart from them. This way, you’ll never have to worry about trusting certified professionals in keeping your dog healthy and happy!

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