Committed to the high standards
that you expect
and your pet deserves.

If you are ever less than satisfied with anything at The Paw please send us an email and we will try and continue to fine tune for you.

Our Mission

To be committed and dedicated to caring for pets as well as providing outstanding customer service. We understand your pets’ requirements and have prepared ourselves accordingly. After starting with a modest set-up with sky high ambition we have turned into a multi award winning centre delivering a huge range of services.
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Because They Are Family Too.

Our Philsophy

The Paw Resort and Wellness Centre was designed to provide uncompromising fun, safety, and comfort to pets, as well as first class convenience to their owners. With strong leadership we operate The Paw Resort with integrity, honesty and compassion.
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Our Focus

Is entirely on the care of your furry friends enriched spirit and happiness. Our innovative and professional team along with delivering excellence we are always searching for newer, more effective and simpler solutions for our clients’ needs constantly honing our skills to remain updated and adapt to newer methods for offering better services.
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High Standards That You Expect and Your Pet Deserves.

Core Values

We are passionate about what we do and care deeply for the health and well-being of all pets. This is not just a business; this is our lifestyle. Our pets bring us comfort, joy and companionship through every phase of our lives, and it’s our job to give back to them as much as they give to us. We are proud to be part of you and your pet’s life and strive to contribute to the long-term wellness of your best friend.
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Your Pet’s Comfort Is Our Priority.


Every year, we support local rescue’s and shelter organizations and co-host adoption events. We support local businesses in our retail store, host educational events that engage the community and financially contribute to music festivals, sports activities and Cancer Care.
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Why We Are Different

The force behind the Paw Resort & Wellness Centre
The force behind the Paw Resort & Wellness Centre

When a vet and a vet’s assistant get married, odds are there’ll be pets in the household. And the Nichols family (Joanne, Frank, Katherine, Amie, Cailey and Andrew) are indeed animal lovers one and all. Horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, pigeons, fish and one cranky macaw that one time or another shared their home. And for many years the Nichols boarded pets, at first for friends, then for the local community.

All along, they shared a dream of something more: A home-away-from-home for pets. The Paw Resort is the culmination of that dream, many years in the making. Here pets can frolic, snooze, play, get a new hairstyle, learn new things, and then rest easy while their human family is away.

Now they – Live their work. Literally. Their home is on the top floor of The Paw Resort, so they are always close at hand to look after their guests.

The Paw Resort & Wellness Centre is a 7,000-square-feet facility sitting on 80 acres of rolling hills in Brandon, Manitoba. The only facility of our kind within hundreds of miles—offering your pet multiple services under one roof in a stunning, natural setting.40

Dr. Frank and Joanne Nichols

Dr. Frank Nichols graduated with distinction from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at Saskatoon in 1978.He first worked at Corydon Animal Clinic in Winnipeg and in 1981 began his association with Brandon Hills Veterinary Clinic and was a partner for over 30 years and sold his interest in 2014.He has maintained a keen interest in animal welfare and behaviour and is always eager apply new training methods. Frank is an Animal Protection Officer for the Province of Manitoba and for many years was the veterinarian serving on the Brandon University Animal Care Committee. He has served two terms as a council member for the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association and on the Veterinary Medical Board of Manitoba. Frank has retired from full time practice and has enjoyed doing locums at veterinary hospitals in Virden, St. Claude, Oakbank and at Assiniboine Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, working part time allows him to still be an active participant in the running of The Paw resort. A respected local voice on animal care and behavior, Frank’s vision for better pet care is evident in every aspect at The Paw Resort.

Joanne NicholsJoanne Nichols is Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician, dog trainer, a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT), and Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and a member of the Professional Groomer’s Association of Manitoba. Joanne has been instrumental in every aspect of The Paw Resort and Wellness Centre. Joanne has worked with animals for more the 35 years and is passionate about animal health and well-being. She is a strong advocate for humane, science-based dog training methods as well as for stress-reduction in all aspects of pet care. Before opening The Paw Resort, Joanne worked in Pet Center management, trained and showed horses, groomed, and boarded pets in her home, and spent over a decade teaching dog training classes for the Crocus Obedience & Kennel Club.

Staff Reviews

“The Paw is one of the best working environments I’ve ever worked in. There is always a positive attitude from not only Joanne and Frank, but all the other staff as well. It was like having a second family. Everyone works hard together to make sure all the pets have the best stay possible. Joanne and Frank also take time out of their day to teach employees on animal behaviour, grooming, and animal tricks. It was truly my favourite job to this day. ”
“My first day at The Paw was about seven years ago now. The day I walked into the building for my interview, I knew I had to work here. The building is beautiful and was nothing that I imagined a pet boarding kennel would be like. The Paw is much more, it is nothing shy of a resort! The work environment is light and positive. We are considered a family not just a group of employees. Joanne and Frank, well you couldn’t ask for better people to work for. They strive every day to make sure your work experience is the best it can be. Even giving you room to grow and step into new positions, along with educating you along the way. Working for The Paw Resort and Wellness Centre isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. You must have a passion for animals and caring for them. The pets may come in at the beginning of their stay as someone else’s but by the end of their stay you grow connections with them, knowing their eating habits, favorite toys and who their best friends are. In between schooling and work placements, you could say working here is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I have been back twice now! ”
“This is the best job I could ask for, and I’m always thankful that Frank and Joanne have given me the opportunity to work here. Keep doing what your doing! ”