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white dog with pink bandanaQuality grooming is no mistake! Call us or use our online scheduler to book an appointment, our stylists are sought after so the salon is often booked well in advance.

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Where tails's are wagging and pets are bragging

We believe that your furry companion deserves the finest pampering experience. Step into The Paw Spaw, where our bright and inviting space blends with the gentle aroma of lavender and soothing tunes. Our dedicated team of experienced and talented stylists are committed to providing nothing short of excellence, ensuring your pets leave looking, feeling, and strutting their very best after every single visit.

Equipped with a comprehensive array of cutting edge grooming tools and a team of passionate professionals, we’re dedicated to making your pet’s makeover journey stress-free and enjoyable. Your pet’s comfort, wellbeing and happiness is at the forefront of our service.

We’re here to prove that quality grooming is no accident!

Don’t wait-give us a call or use our convenient online service to secure your pet’s next experience at The Paw Spaw. Because when it comes to your pet, only the finest will do.

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Why Choose Us

At The Paw Spaw, every guest is treated to a range of tailored services, including a choice of premium shampoo and coat conditioning, nail trimming, and gentle ear cleaning. Our philosophy is far from assembly line- each pet enjoys and exclusive pampering session scheduled with their very own stylist. We believe you should get to know the person taking care of your furry friend.

We allocate ample time for each appointment, ensuring a comprehensive and meticulous grooming experience. We’re not just grooming, we’re fostering a happy pet lifestyle. Feel free to approach any of us with your ideas or concerns- we’re genuinely excited to contribute to your pet’s wellbeing.

We reconize the significance of building a foundation of trust and respect with both you and your pet. Our commitment is to create a stress-free and enjoyable environment for your cherished companion.

Dog Grooming

Sizing Guide

Dog grooming Packages- all dog grooming packages include “the necessities” shampoo, conditioner, gentle ear cleaning, basic nail trim, paw pad clean-up and paw trim, sanitary tidy, silk-n-finish leave in conditioner application!

Our professional stylists are committed to the high standards that you expect and your pet deserves. All of our pet stylists are certified by the Fear Free training program, because your pet’s comfort is our priority.

  • Electric bathing tub

    Electric bathing tubs mean a smooth elevator ride up rather than trying to climb and lift.

  • Oster Hydrosurge Bath

    Our exclusive state-of-the-art Oster Hydrosurge Bath and nontoxic shampoos make bathing an enviable experience.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Appointments scheduled every day of the week for all furry friends.

  • Electric tables

    Electric tables are easy to step on and glide up making the experience less stressful for everyone!

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Tiny: 0-8lbs.

Small: 9-25lbs.

Medium: 25-45lbs.

Large: 45-75lbs.

Extra Large: 76-100lbs.

Giant: Over 100lbs.

Prices may vary depending on temperment and coat quality and grooming frequency.

Don’t wait-give us a call or use our convenient online service to secure your pet’s next experience at The Paw Spaw. Because when it comes to your pet, only the finest will do

#1 Basic Bliss

This comprehensive service includes a soothing bath using premium shampoo tailored to your dog’s coat, followed by a gentle blow dry to leave their fur soft and shiny. Our skilled groomers will expertly trim their paw pads, clip their nails, and meticulously clean their ears, ensuring utmost comfort and hygiene. The experience is completed with a light brushing session, leaving your furry friend refreshed, revitalized, and looking their absolute best.


  • “the necessities”
  • Up to 15 mins brushing
  • (does not include any coat styling.)

Tiny: $35+

Small: $40+

Medium: $45+

Large: $55+

Extra Large: $65+

Giant: $75+

small dog with plaid bandana

#2 The Effortless Elegance Cut -plain but polished

A grooming style that redefines simplicity with a touch of flair. Unlike the high- maintenance options, this cut offers painless, short all over trim that demands minimal upkeep. Our skilled groomers create a sleek and tidy look that enhances your dog’s natural charm. With the Effortless Elegance cut, your pet’s coat is transformed in to a statement of understated beauty making daily maintenance a breeze !

For those who value both style and convenience, this grooming choice is a match made in heaven. Let your pet showcase a look that’s refreshingly uncomplicated yet radiantly chic- the Effortless Elegance Cut.


  • “the necessities”
  • Face trim
  • Tail trim
  • Full body shave (1 length)

Tiny: $70+

Small: $75+

Medium: $80+

Large: $85+

Extra Large: $95+

Giant: $100+

#3 Distinguished Design

Elevate your furry friends look with a sophisticated style that add’s a touch of class to your dog’s appearance. Imagine your pet strutting with confidence showcasing tailored legs tail and head meticulously scissored to perfection. This option is perfect for those who desire a tad more length while embracing a sleek and refined aesthetic. Let you furry companion flaunt a sense of canine couture that turns heads and ignites envy!


  • “the necessities”
  • Face trim
  • Tail trim
  • Torso shave
  • Hand scissoring on legs

Tiny: $75+

Small: $80+

Medium: $90+

Large: $100+

Extra Large: $110+

Giant: $120+

white dog with blue leash

#4 The Elite Breed Couture

A grooming masterpiece meticulously crafted to meet breed standards and satisfy even the most discerning canines. Our expert stylists combine skill with artistry, honoring breed standards while enhancing your dog’s inherent features. In the world of grooming details matter the ………isn’t just a cut- it’s a personalized personalized elegance exclusively curated for your beloved companion. Let your canine experience grooming as an art and shine from being a masterpiece in their own right.


  • “the necessities”
  • Full haircut to breed standard

Tiny: $75+

Small: $80+

Medium: $100+

Large: $125+

Extra Large: $140+

Giant: $160+

poodle with floral bandana

#5 D- Shed and Shimmer- Unveil the Gleam

Does your coated companion leave a trail of fur wherever they go ? Our specialized D-shedding and Shine service is designed just for them. Canines without cut and style’s deserve to shine too ! Our skilled and patient groomers employ gentle techniques to effectively remove excess fur, revealing their natural radiance.

Say goodbye to those stray hairs that find their way onto your furniture and clothes. With our tailored approach, we not only minimizes shedding but also enhance your dog’s coat with a healthy buster that catches the eye. Our D-shedding process is both effective and comfortable for your furry friend, leaving them looking and feeling their very best.

Let your coated pet experience the joy of a sleek, glossy coat that as inviting to touch as it is to behold. Discover the difference of our D-shedding and Shine service at The Paw Spaw, where your pet’s comfort and elegance are our top priorities.


  • “the necessities”
  • Deshed solution
  • Up to 1-1.5 hours combing
  • Basic touch up trimming

Tiny: $60+

Small: $75+

Medium: $85+

Large: $95+

Extra Large: $110+

Giant: $130+

large dog with blue bandana

#6 Rejuvenating Comfort Groom

Our specialized grooming service is designed with a deep appreciation for the comfort and well-being of dogs who have limited mobility due to age, injury, or other conditions. Our team of experienced and compassionate groomers is dedicated to providing a stress-free and soothing grooming experience for your furry companion. We go beyond traditional grooming practices to accommodate the unique needs of dogs who may find movement difficult or uncomfortable.


  • “the necessities”
  • Minor trimming
  • Necessary dematting /shaving

Tiny: $75+

Small: $85+

Medium: $100+

Large: $120+

Extra Large: $130+

Giant: $140+

large wet dog

Before & After Photos

Our groomers are sought after, so the salon is often booked well in advance, call us for D’tails or use our convenient online scheduler to book an appointment.


  • Extra combing- $1/min (minimum 15)
  • Dematting-$2/min (minimum 15)
  • Ear plucking- $8+
  • Nail Dremel – $20+
  • Nail polish- $15+
  • Hair dye-$25+
  • Airbrush color- $20+
  • Odor neutralizing- $12+
  • Moisture treatments- $12+
  • Oatmeal or medicated skin boosters-$12+
  • Teeth brushing-$5+
  • Dog facial- $3.50
  • Bows/ties- $3.50
  • Damage fee-
  • Paw balm- $4+
  • Paw cleanup- $10+
small dog on a blanket

Quality grooming is no mistake. Indulge your pet in a grooming experience like no other! They're going to thank you for it!

different pattern fabric

Luxury Pet Beauty Care

Hydra pet spa

Hydra Pet Spa bottles
The senses collection is formulated for use on cats and dogs of any breed or coat! Formulated with coconut water for deep hydration and refreshment, sweet almond oil for hydration, nutrition and to improve elasticity, as well as lipoprotein complex that hydrates and recovers the coat.


Groom shampoo bottles
I Groom is an Argan and Vitamin E Clarifying and moisturizing Shampoo. Paragon free, environmentally friendly, and bio degradable.

Hydra Vegan

Vegan Detox bottles
A certified vegan line formulated to balance and purify for healthier skin and coat! Formulated with matcha extract which provides antioxidant and moisturizing action, as well as ginger extract to help remineralize the skin and strengthen the coat.

Earth Bath

Basket of cleaning supplies
Earth Bath contains NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO glutens, NO soaps, NO dyes and NO phthalates!

Experience the difference of true quality grooming- it’s not just a coincidence. Take the first step towards enhancing your pet’s appearance and happiness by giving us a call or using our user-friendly online scheduler to book an appointment today!

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//Dog Grooming//


When should I come to pick up my dog? Is half an hour enough time?

Will you bath my dog?

Yes! A bath is always included in every grooming visit.

Should I bring my own shampoo?

Bringing your own shampoo is definitely not required. We provide a large selection of specialty products and can discuss which shampoo will be most suitable for your dog. If however, your veterinarian has prescribed a special shampoo for your dog, by all means - please bring it and we can absolutely use your own products as per your instruction.

Will you cut my dogs nails?

Yes! A nail trim is always included with each groom with the option of either a regular nail trim or a nail dremel.

If you shave my dog, will he/she be bald?

No, we have different blades and comb attachments that can provide a variety of lengths for your dog’s grooming needs.

Do you charge more if my dog is matted?

Yes, dependent on the length the grooming appointment takes and the cooperation of your pooch!

How often should I get my dog groomed?

It depends on the breed of dog and length of coat desired. For the comfort of your pet, we absolutely recommend grooming more often than less frequently.

What if my dog is anxious?

We can suggest a few ways to reduce the stress on your dog if they are feeling a little nervous or anxious. Getting your dog used to car rides can help with their travel to our spaw. Playing with your dog and getting them used to being touched can assist in a more positive grooming experience. It is also recommended to help your pet establish a relationship with their groomer for an optimal and enjoyable experience at our facility.

How young should I start bringing my dog for grooming?

As early as possible, as long as they have had their first set of vaccinations! We recommend having your puppy come for a meet and greet with your groomer to have them begin to establish a relationship with the gal that will be spending quality spaw time with your pup. Starting out with nail trims can significantly help your dog adapt from a young age and we can add on to each groom, until getting them worked up to the bravery of their very first full groom!

What does “Fear Free” mean for me and my pet?

Our stylists and groomers are certified in the Fear Free methodology and psychology, empowering us to do more to help your pet feel comfortable in The Paw Spaw. The Fear Free program has helped our groomers, new and old, learn and reinforce a number of new techniques and strategies to minimize stress on your pets, including but not limited to:

  • How to recognize even the most subtle signs of stress.
  • How exactly to help a pet who is feeling stressed.
  • How to set the salon environment up to help ensure Fear Free grooms. This includes shop layout, sights, sounds, ]smells, entrances and exits, and more.
  • How to teach animals to love the grooming table, clippers, the bathtub, the blow dryer, grooming shears, the groomer’s loop, and more.
  • How to communicate verbally and non-verbally to ensure that pets trust their groomers.

Do you let your grooming dog customers play in the Paw Spaw?

On occasion you may see someone scampering about for a few minutes but we do not let that happen on a regular basis. When we are grooming we are paying attention to the animal we are working with and not on loose dogs on the floor. They can get underfoot, drag or chew on equipment and cords, get into the garbage, bother the others or even get their faces bitten by the dog that is on the table being groomed. We can’t watch the body languages and the interactions diligently enough. So NO! We are more than properly set up that If our customers want their pets to have play time they either come early or stay afterwards and enjoy time in our Zoom Room that is specifically designed for them along with supervising attendants to actually play with them and keep them safe.

"We use The Paw for play care, grooming, boarding and training and the staff always go above and beyond, they are truly wonderful!! I highly recommend taking your pets here for one or all services that they provide, you will not be disappointed!"
"Jake and Lu always love spending the day at the Spaw and seeing all of the amazing staff there. Joanne never disappoints!"
Alicia Withers
"I have taken my dog Bauer to the Paw for a groom and de-shed, and no place compares to The Paw. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. They make sure you leave 100% satisfied, and my dog loves going there! The staff make sure to ask important questions based on the dogs needs for the groom. I always leave happy and satisfied. We will definitely be back for more grooming!! Can’t say enough good things about this place."
"My dog loves The Paw! Staff is amazing and friendly. I have always recommend them with friends when they get new puppies. The staff does such a good job with grooming, my dog loves staying there overnight in her own private area and love the fact that she gets to spend the day in the Zoom Room and I get emails with pictures of how she is doing. Definitely will keep going there and will recommend them to any pet owner I meet. Thanks for all you do!"

Cat Grooms

Community Votes Brandon 2023 Platinum Winner Voted Best In Pet Grooming

(Lion cut) courageous cut


Treat your cherished feline companion to the ultimate in comfort and style with our Courageous Cut Grooming Service. Our dedicated groomers prioritize your cat’s well-being, ensuring a stress-free and gentle grooming experience. The Courageous Cut, inspired by the regal lion’s mane, is tailored to your cat’s personality and breed, allowing them to look and feel their very best. Using only the finest, cat-friendly products, we pamper your pet with care and expertise, leaving them both comfortable and stylish. Choose our Courageous Cut Grooming Service to boost your cat’s confidence and make them feel like the fearless ruler they are.


  • Nail trim
  • Shampoo
  • Body shave
  • Gentle ear clean
  • Combing
  • Leave in conditioner application
gray cat with lion cut

(Bath and brush) pure and simple pampurr

Short: $85+

Long: $95+

Elevate your cat’s comfort and style with our Relaxing pure and simple Pampurr. Our skilled groomers provide a soothing bath using premium cat-friendly products, tailored to your cat’s unique needs, ensuring a gentle and thorough cleansing experience. We create a serene environment to keep your cat relaxed and at ease throughout the session. After the bath, our expert groomers expertly brush and detangle your cat’s fur, promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat. This personalized, stress-free grooming leaves your feline friend feeling pampered and poised, ready to shine with confidence.


  • Nail trim
  • Shampoo
  • gentle Ear clean
  • Up to 60 mins of brushing
  • leave in conditioner application
cat looking into sunlight

Our stylists are sought after, so the salon is often booked well in advance, call for D'Tails!

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Awesome Image
//Cat Grooming//


Can I stay with my cat?

Should I leave my cat some treats?

Certainly we think that’s a great idea and will gladly give them to your pets while it is with us or even just during it’s table and bath time.

Will my cat go home wet?

Never! We blow dry the cats or cage dry them if they are scared to ensure no chilled kitties in any season.

Should I bring my own shampoo?

You can if you feel that it’s important or if your Veterinarian has prescribed some for you, however we have a large selection and different varieties that we can discuss for your pet’s special needs skin and coat conditions.

Does it cost more if my cat is matted?

Yes. Matted coats take more time to remove even when shaving. Mats create folds in the thin skin, so we need to clip slowly and carefully to avoid cutting the skin. Also, the mats are painful, causing the sweetest of cats to become agitated at times. We price by the extra time above our regular fees. We educate our customers, in how to prevent a pelted coat the first time you bring your cat in for depelting. If a cat is brought in a second time, a year or more later, and in the same pelted condition after being educated, the price for dematting significantly increases.

What if my cat is afraid of the bath?

You might be surprised to read this but we very rarely have troubles with the cats in our bathing area. Most of them are really very good. We don’t use a lot of different products and don’t waist too much time, they tend to get chilly quickly and seem to enjoy being swaddled in a nice towel afterwards. We have to admit a wet kitty can look very very sad indeed!

How can you prevent/reduce fear and stress during my cat’s groom?

We use cat pheromone sprays to calm them and spa music. Our handling techniques start out with minimal handling, using lap holds, towel wraps and gentle, non aggressive holds. Some cats require a groomer and assistant, but even then we do not force down a cat with aggressive holds. Play, treat rewards, and petting are useful tools to make a possibly scary experience less so. Some cats will still become fearful even with our careful methods.

My cat is sensitive and scared, can she be groomed?

Every cat is different, and we don't use a cookie cutter method to groom them all. We are able to groom a variety of behavioral types because we approach each cat as an individual. Some cats want minimal handling, others want to be groomed in the lap. One may like to hide under a towel while getting its rear trimmed, another may need one person petting and holding while another trims. Knowing cat behavior and signs of fear and stress are key in successful cat handling.

How often does my cat need to be groomed?

For most long hairs, cats prone to hairballs, for shedding reduction, and older cats who are grooming themselves less, we suggest 6-8 weeks. Some short hairs and cats who are combed at home can go 8-12 weeks between grooms. All cats should be groomed every season at a minimum, winter, spring, summer, fall, especially long haired cats! Allowing a cat to mat up all year and annually shaving is cruel to the cat and often causes them to have a stressful grooming experience.

What if my cat becomes scared or aggressive?

Cats often become fearful in strange environments. It is natural for them to use teeth and claws when scared. We are trained in the safe and humane handling of cats. We use gloves, aprons and towels to protect us from bites. If a cat escalates, we will apply a cone style muzzle, and if they are still combative, we will apply a special round muzzle that prevents bites, but allows full breathing and no smashing down of whiskers. We give breaks to cats that are becoming agitated and aggressive. It is not fair to traumatize an animal for the sake of grooming. Very few cats become combative, because we try to make sure they stay calm from the beginning of the groom. Cats with known aggression must come in a carrier with an opening top. Please tell us if your cat has been aggressive with the vet or groomer in the past.

"Always get my cat groomed here. She does a fabulous lion cut and my cat always smells so good after his pampered day."
Kim Harpelle

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