The Muttessori Enrichment Academy:

Where All Dogs Get to Be Teacher’s Pet

Brandon’s premier enrichment program for very good dogs.

Montessori (/män(t)əˈsôrē/) noun: a system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.

Muttessori (/mət/əˈsôrē/) noun: a one-of-a-kind enrichment experience that nurtures your dog’s positive behaviors through play, exploration, and interactive activities

Help your dog rise to the top of the class with supervised socialization and all-day, active development at The Muttessori Enrichment Academy, brought to you by The Paw Resort & Wellness Centre.

You love your dog’s playful curiosity. Now, you can shine a spotlight on it with The Muttessori Enrichment Academy! This premier enrichment program is equal parts luxury and learning–giving your favorite four-legged friend a fun and safe place to roam and explore while making friends and practicing desired behaviors.


Half day
1 dog: $20 + tax = $21.00
2 dogs: $35 + tax = $36.75

Full day
1 dog: $33 + tax = $34.65
2 dogs: $58 + tax = $60.90

Punch cards
10 half day punch cards: $180 + tax = $189.00
10 full day punch card: $300 + tax = $315.00

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Why is Enrichment Important for Your Pet? 

Most people think they’re doing their dog a service by giving them physical activity to tire them out, like daily walks, or letting them run free at the dog park.
But in reality, having your dog exercise their brain makes them just as happy, and even more tired and fulfilled.


Big News!

Our Muttessori Enrichment Academy now offers TWO amazing membership options for your furry loved ones!

Calling all pet lovers! Introducing our exclusive membership program, BECAUSE WE LOVE EM TO BITS

Give your furry friend the ultimate experience this summer with access to:

  • Our extraordinary Zoom Room
  • Daily enrichment activities
  • Much-needed rest time
  • Exclusive access to Little Gaffer’s Dog Park (for small dogs)
  • The fantastic Frolic Field
  • Our brand-new Boulder BLVD outdoor play areas

Don’t let your pet miss out on this incredible opportunity. Join our membership program today and give them the love and care they deserve.

Pay per Day

  • ½ Day $33
  • Full Day $45

10 Punch Pack (15% discount)

  • ½ Day $300.00
  • Full Day $400.00 ($40.00 per day)

Want Even More Fun For Your Pets? Join our SPOIL EM ROTTEN program this summer with our ALL-ACCESS summer membership!

Your Dog’s Days will be filled with Unlimited access to all our grounds as well as:

  • Access to Scentral Park
  • Our newly opened Boulder BLVD
  • Plenty of Time with Friends in the Zoom Room
  • Daily enrichment activities
  • Rest time
  • Little Gaffer’s Play Yard (for small dogs)
  • ALL play yards including our Frolic field
Pay per Day
  • ½ Day $40.00
  • Full Day $55
10 Punch Pack
  • ½ Day $375.00
  • Full Day $500.00

Our Spoil Em Rotten Membership gives your pets access to the brand new, beloved Scentral Park and Splash Park! It’s engaging, enrichment, and exhausting for the Spoiled Rotten members!

Take Enrichment to a whole new level at Scentral Park! 

Our Splash Park is safe and FUN for your furry friends!

Don’t let your pets miss out on the fun this summer! Memberships are coming in and spots are limited and filling up fast! Contact our friendly front staff for more information and to sign up for a membership today! 🐾 Remember…it’s where all the cool dogs come!

All dogs deserve extraordinary lives. Unleash your pet’s potential at The Muttessori Enrichment Academy


As a member of The Muttessori Enrichment Academy, your dog enjoys...

  • Entry to our 3,000 sq ft. indoor play area

    with air circulation systems to help keep germs and smells from following your dog home, plus recycled rubber flooring designed to go easy on sensitive paws

  • Smaller staff-to-pet ratio

    exceeding that of the average state standard of 1 attendant for every 15 dogs

  • Access to a positive learning environment

    where they learn passively and actively throughout the day

  • Daily use

    of our top-of-the-line dogPACER treadmill and other Blue-9, Toto Fit, and Fitpaws enrichment equipment

  • Enrichment exercises

    designed specifically to suit your dog’s breed, size, age, and preferences, all guided by highly-trained pet care professionals

  • A monthly calendar of events

    that make each day exciting and new for your pup

More Dog Enrichment Activities Than You Can Shake a Stick At​

Our enrichment program engages all five senses. 

Here’s just a small taste of what your dog might learn and do in a week:

  • Sound enrichment: A variety of music and sound-scapes designed to support your dog’s development and desensitize them to overstimulation.
  • Exposure to different surfaces: A range of surfaces (such as a soft bed or recycled rubber flooring) and textures (such a stuffed toy or a hard bone) ensure a well-rounded experience.
  • Exposure to visual stimulants: Using bubbles, bike tires, nature walks, and other fun activities, we work with your pet in order to ease anxiety at unexpected movements.
  • Olfactory (smell) stimulation: Nature walks, scavenging & foraging play, and other activities that expose your dog to a myriad of scents.
  • Tasty Treats & Toys: A diverse assortment of kongs, squirrels, and licky mats to introduce them to different flavors and textures.

Our favorite sensory activities include:​

  • Track ‘n Dash: Indoor and outdoor running trials to get that extra energy out
  • Agility Check: A fun obstacle course ending with a well-behaved sit and stay
    High Jump: A guided jump exercise over bars and through hula hoops
  • Frisbee Catch: Supervised jump and retrievals
  • Flirt Pole Play: Scavenging and foraging activities that help stimulate their hunting instincts

Not to mention the dozens of new tricks we cover to impress friends and family.

And we designed The Muttessori Enrichment Academy to treat you, as well! Because epic owners like you deserve “me time,” too!

The Muttessori Enrichment Academy believes in:

  • Creating meaningful moments that enrich animals’ lives
  • Cultivating desired behaviors
  • Employing and mentoring people who care deeply about animal treatment
  • Using equipment designed for the canine body
  • Giving pets love, care, and lots of personal attention

Need a Pet Pickup?

Get your dog to the Academy on time with our pet shuttle service, the Tail Waggin’! With room for up to six dogs at a time, the Tail Waggin’ can fetch your pet and bring them to The Paw Resort & Wellness Centre weekdays from 8am to 6pm.

Details and FAQs

Muttessori Enrichment Academy operates Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Proof of current vaccination is required to attend.

Due to high demand, reservations are required and can be made by contacting us by phone or by emailing us using our contact form.

Academy cancellations and no-shows the day of your pet’s reservation are charged 100% of the daily fee. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed days, and tuitions are non-transferable.

Because we prioritize safety for all pets and staff, we reserve the right to turn away dogs that aren’t a good fit for this program.

*Choose the program that works best for your schedule