Pet Stylists

Joanne Nichols

Pet Stylist

While I feel that fellow groomers have a lot to offer, I would like to provide you and your pet with an alternative to typical dog grooming services, treatments and techniques. At The Paw we strive to create a holistic, stress free approach to pet care, grooming and styling. Being inspired by those who prefer to use rewards, music, aromatherapy and massage, which we believe creates a happier, less anxious, and healthier pet. I am so pleased to working in our beautiful facility – no stairs, confined spaces or hoisting into a regular bath tub. We even have real air conditioning and air exchange units YES! Our atmosphere combined with all natural biodegradable, nontoxic, cruelty free products joined with the newest equipment, technology and soothing aids (Happy hoodies, DAP pheromone, calming collars and thunder shirts (when applicable) make it a nice day for everyone. It is my hope that not only will the Paw Spaw and Salon be the place you bring your VIP pet for grooming and styling, but that we can also be a source of information for all our clients who want to know about natural dog care.

When it comes to choosing a groomer for your pet, experience and education should be what you look for. With Joanne, you need not look any further!

Ashley Lee

Pet Stylist

Ashley originally began working at our resort as a pet care specialist. She loved getting her animal fix in at work each day but after seeing drastic differences of the dogs going to and from our Spaw, POOF one day it hit her – she wanted to start grooming as a career! With her knowledge from attending Hairdressing school before we knew it she was working her magic! Ashley takes time and care to make sure your pooch look’s it’s best before leaving the Spaw! She excels at grooming all breeds of dogs and has a special flair for anything that needs her expert scissor hands! Ashley is no longer the shortest staff member a title she held for many years!

When Ashley isn’t busy beautifying your pet, you will find her spending time with her bearded Dragons, rearranging her plants or going to concerts and events with friends. Ashley is also very interested in learning all about enrichment activities for not only our boarding pets but for reptiles and other “unconventional” pets too! And don’t forget ….she is also the editor, director and producer of all of our videos!


Pet Stylist

Alex always knew she wanted to work with animals and when she saw the ad for Apprentice Groomer in 2021 she simply could not resist! She crossed her fingers that she would get the position and she did just that! She has grown so much as a stylist and hopes to one day be a Master Groomer. Alex is able to take on the biggest task we give her! Not afraid of a challenge, she is ready to roll up her sleeves and get those big guys in the tub, onto her table and spiffed up to perfection!

She has a passion for animals and takes pride in making sure they look and feel their best. She has an eye for detail and is meticulous in her work. She loves seeing the transformation in a dog’s appearance after a grooming session and takes satisfaction in knowing that she’s helping to keep them healthy and happy.

When Alex isn’t in the salon you can find her laying on a beach, at the yoga studio or hiking with her own dogs. (plural because she just can’t get enough).

Frank Nichols

Pet Stylist
Frank is actually a Veterinarian but we think he likes hanging out with the girls in the Spaw, could be one groomer in particular 🙂 On the days that he is not doing his thing ie surgeries, treatments and appointments he can often be found bathing dogs, cutting and dremeling nails, digging out stinky ears, looking at lumps and bumps and as it turns out he’s also pretty darn great doing some of our D-sheds and big comb outs ! The gals don’t seem to mind having him in there, sometimes his jokes aren’t that good, but he can chat about just about anything and brings coffee.
fear free certified professional
Proud to be Brandon’s only Fear Free Certified pet groomers!
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