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Our Playcare provides exercise, stimulation, and social time in a safe, supervised environment all year round!

We also provide a great play care punch card for your pal to enjoy lots of play time and you can enjoy savings.

Contact to plan your visit and fill out our playcare form to get ready for fun!

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"Undeniably the best place for our pets. Over the years we have used the obedience training, cat boarding, dog boarding, grooming and are weekly visitors for doggie daycare. Our dogs gets so excited when driving to The Paw. We always know that they are well cared for by Joanne and her team. We are greeted with warm smiles by people that truly care for not only our pets but for us as well. Our dogs even get spoiled with parties for special occasions! Definitely have and would recommend this very experience and warm loving place."
Karen P.

Playcare Features

Our Zoom Room has 3,000 square feet with nice low windows for easy viewing. Our thick rubber flooring gives your dog better traction, increased joint protection, and important shock absorption as they run, jump and roll. Our play structure equipment is made and designed for dogs. We use commercial-grade quality one-piece molding, with no cracks for germs to hide!

At The Paw Resort & Wellness Centre we are committed to providing the safest, most pleasurable experience for your dog from the moment they enter the lobby to the moment they leave for the evening.

Want to watch your dog play? Grab a coffee or tea in Maxine’s Lounge with Zoom Room viewing windows!

Continual supervision from qualified staff and a low pet-to-attendant ratio means your pet stays safe.

Carefully composed playgroups based on family, size, age, and preference make everybody happy.

//Let's Play!//

Benefits of Playcare

Off-leash playgroups were designed as an environment where dogs that have good social skills can interact and play with other dogs!

  • Physical

    To be healthy and happy, your dog needs regular exercise, stimulation, and social time with other dogs. Our day care provides these things in a safe, supervised environment all year round.

  • Behavioral

    Our exclusive state-of-the-art Oster Hydrosurge Bath and nontoxic shampoos make bathing an enviable experience.

  • Training

    We reinforce your dog’s training. We can ask for a sit or down before we throw a ball and we practice recall and anything else your dog knows.

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"The Paw Resort and Wellness Center in Brandon, MB is a cut above the rest!! I’ve personally been in at least a dozen kenneling facilities in MB over the last couple years and NOTHING compares to The Paw. The staff is so warm and welcoming which makes it easy to drop off your loved one. The facility is magnificent and CLEAN. The spacious kennels give lots of room for your pet to move around and the gymnasium/indoor play area is HUGE. The quality of care I witnessed being given to the dogs and cats that visit there is second to none. Pets feel like they are at home there. Whether you are stopping in to pick up some dog treats, or for a day at the grooming spa, or for a day of doggy daycare or for an overnight stay.... I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I know your pet won’t be."
Dr. Trevor Johnson
Clearspring Animal Hospital


Playcare is provided Monday through Friday.

We open our lobby doors at 8:00am and play care begins once groups are sorted and planned for the day. Play care ends between 5:30 and 5:45 and the lobby closes at 6:00pm.

Please note that while we can care for your dog on Saturdays and Sundays when you go about your errands, a supervised and structured play group can not always be guaranteed.

Punch Card Pass!

10-day FULL day punch card:  $220.00 plus GST

10-day HALF day punch card: $121.50 plus GST

These punch cards have no expiry date, are non-refundable, non-transferable, and not interchangeable.

Day Passes

Half Days: anything under 5 hours.
1 dog – $13.50 plus tax
2 dogs – $24.50

Full days: anything over 5 hours.
1 dog – $25.00 plus tax
2 dogs – $45.00

Players without passes are welcome to come as long as their parents book in advance with either Facebook, email or phone. We reserve the right to turn down potential players when we reach the day’s capacity.

We offer a variety of services to personalize your pet’s visit.

Schedule a tour or book your next playdate. Email or call us for D”Tails!

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// Rules & Guidelines //

We’ve got a few house rules that all of our clients (the dogs) are expected to follow

1. Good communication

2. Be friendly

Both pet parents AND pets! Our Playcare service is designed for social dogs to play and have fun. Safety is our primary goal, therefore, Playcare is not for every dog. It is not a place for aggressive dogs to learn how to be social. Even though we re-enforce training behaviors, tricks and games, Playcare is not Obedience Training. Each player must enjoy being around other dogs and humans.

3. Be of age

Each player must be at least 8 weeks of age and have their first vaccination.

4. Be properly vaccinated

Rabies: Current in the last year for puppies; last 3 years for adults

Bordetella: Current in the last 6 months

DHPP: Current in the last year for puppies; last 3 years for adults

Flea/Tick/Lice: Required to be current

5. If your dog is not spayed or neutered

We will accept non-spayed females into our playcare, but not while they are in season. No exceptions. We will also accept non-neutered male dog’s but if we feel they are mounting and/or marking we will use our discretion to decide if they can continue attending playcare or not.

6. Manners matter

Keep your dog under control during drop off and pick up. Our Zoom Room is a playful atmosphere of happy, and controlled dogs. In the interest of keeping this order, the dogs must understand that certain types of behavior are not tolerated at Playcare. We ask that you teach your dog that, during drop off and pick up they need to be quiet and calm. They need to keep all four feet on the floor, not on the walls, doors or reception counter. We know that you love your dog but please make your goodbye and hello a calm and quiet one so as not to get the other dogs too excited.

7. Become a regular

We recommend that you come on a weekly basis. Coming at least once a week creates a routine that your dog can rely on. Regular attendance increases your dog’s trust in us and comfort level. It also creates a predictable environment for all the dogs and this helps to keep the daycare running smoothly.

8. Book in advance on day pass

Players without passes are welcome to come as long as their parents book in advance with either Facebook, email or phone. We reserve the right to turn down potential players when we reach the day’s capacity.

9. Leash required upon arrival

When coming into the lobby or in from the parking lot, it is important and a must to have your dog on leash. This ensures that you have control of your dog should there be another dog in the entrance.

10. Doggie poo

Well It’s up to you! The daycare is essentially an indoor dog park and, as such, it is not uncommon for dogs to have to “go” on occasion. However, we expect all dogs to have pooped PRIOR to arriving at the daycare. We do our very best to keep our Zoom Room clean and hygienic. So, please, please poop your dog BEFORE you arrive at daycare, rain or shine. We have a designated potty area to the east of the parking lot, look for the fire hydrant for the city pups and the water pump for the country pups!

11. Leave sick dogs at home

Although this rule seems obvious, it must be said. Please do not bring your dog in if it is coughing, sneezing, has diarrhea of an unknown cause, etc. Illness spreads easily in a confined space. We are, however, able to accommodate dogs with injuries or non-contagious conditions if they are cleared by a vet for daycare.

12. Register alternate persons

When you have an alternate person pick up your dog, please let us know. Your dog means everything to us. We would never want to place anyone in the wrong hands. So, if you have an alternate person picking up your dog, please phone us with their name, number and description ASAP.

13. Late pick up fee

Please pick up your dog before 6:00pm. However, we do understand that things can get in the way of your schedule and make you late for pickup. If this happens, please call and let us know and we will accommodate you where we can and within reason. Pickups after 6:15pm will be billed $10.00 for every 15 minutes late.

14. What to expect indoors and outdoors

Dogs that stay with us are taken for a farmyard walk. How many walks per day depends on how many hours they stay. When inside the daycare, the dogs play together, play with us, eat, rest or sleep. Music is playing all day.

15. Complete your forms

Complete an Application & Agreement. Each Playcare player must have its own application and agreement completed and signed. Check out the Forms section.