4 Amazing Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Although locking up dogs is still the most effective way to keep them at bay, most dog owners prefer to indulge their best friends in a dog daycare. Nowadays, people value their connection to their pets, making it easy to leave them taken care of in a dog daycare near them. But aside from the round-the-clock supervision, how else do doggie daycares benefit dogs?

1. Dog Socialization

Dogs are social creatures, and a dog daycare near you can provide them with a safe space to play with their canine friends. Therefore, dog daycare is an excellent place for dogs to socialize and develop a sense of community. Since they are pack animals, most dogs enjoy being around other dogs because it allows them to associate with their kind.

Dog daycare does not just provide dogs with the opportunity to socialize, but it also allows them to learn more about other dogs. They get exposed to different personalities and approaches to problem-solving and different dog behaviours. This information is vital in a dog’s mental development.

2. Boosts Personality Development

Do you notice that your dog changes its behaviour when with other dogs? Some dogs are more friendly than others, and dog daycare is an excellent way for your dog to learn from others. At a dog daycare, they will be exposed to more dogs of different breeds and ages, creating an opportunity to learn how to get along with them.

Many people agree that dogs in a dog daycare near them develop their instincts, helping them be more alert and self-confident during walks or in public areas. Dogs who go to a daycare learn how to interact with other dogs who have different personalities and approaches to the world. Like humans, dogs have different characters, and they bring out those differences when they are around each other.

3. Promotes Safety

Trainers often supervise doggie daycares, ensuring owners of their pets’ safety. The dog professionals in the dog daycare proactively observe the dogs. If they notice any conflict or potential aggression, they will separate the dogs until they can play together again.

Dog daycare is an excellent way for your dog to learn basic obedience in a supervised environment. The dog professionals in the daycare will teach them how to play well with other dogs, and specially trained dogs will even teach them basic commands such as sit, stay and down.

4. Trains Dogs Around Other Dogs

Dog daycare is a great way to expose your dog to a controlled environment where they can learn how to play with other dogs. Although there is an excellent chance that they will learn how to interact with dogs from their experience with other dogs, it is also essential to see how they react with other dogs around them without a relationship of trust or a strong bond with them.


Overall, a dog daycare near you will provide your dog with the ability to socialize with other dogs, meet new and different breeds and have their behaviour controlled in a safe space. Dog daycares are not just playtime for your dog and a great way to meet other dogs, and they provide a lot of benefits to their health and well-being.

Take your best friend, who thinks they are a human, to a daycare near you and give them the chance to have a great time and learn important lessons about dogs, humans, and the world at large.

The Paw Resort & Wellness Center is a dog daycare based in Brandon, MB. Aside from supervision, we also offer dog grooming services to pets needing a relaxing time while away from home and their masters. If you’re looking for a dog daycare near you, consider leaving your dogs to us today.

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