4 Essentials To Pack For Your Dog Boarding Stay

Contrary to popular belief, boarding dogs isn’t just stressful for us. Our furbabies can get pretty stressed by the whole thing, too. Since it usually happens around the time of human travel, whether for leisure, business, or moving houses, packing for our doggos sometimes gets overlooked.

There are certain essentials that should always go with your dogs, whether they’re staying with a friend or at a daycare facility. You want them to be at their most comfortable while you’re not together. Read on to learn more about four essentials to pack for your dog boarding stay:

  • A Familiar Blanket or T-Shirt

Being “left behind” can make our canine chums pretty bummed out. A great way to ease this is by leaving them with something familiar, like a blanket or a worn t-shirt. Aside from carrying your scent and that of your dogs, it also carries other household scents that your dog will undoubtedly find familiar. It’s that familiarity that will greatly help in soothing your dog during moments of stress or homesickness.

  • His Favorite Snacks and Toys

Make sure that long-lasting chews are part of the things you pack. It’s a great way to keep your dog occupied. His favorite toys should also be packed, so he can play with new friends. It can also help them to keep home in mind and still have a sense of routine.

Does your dog get a specific treat after a particular activity or during a certain time? Ask the boarding facility to do the same. It can go a long way for your doggy who’s surely missing you and home as the days pass.

  • Identification

This may go without saying, but it’s worth noting. Proper identification is crucial for a dog in general, but more so when they will be boarding. The only thing better than their collar having an ID tag is for that to be accompanied by a microchip. Both of those should have the following:

  • Dog name

  • Owner name

  • Owner phone number

  • Emergency contact information

The address is completely optional, because it can understandably be a privacy issue for humans.

  • Emergency Contact Information

You wouldn’t leave your human baby without any form of emergency contact information, right? The same rule applies to your fluffy baby or babies, because they are family too. If you won’t be in the same town or city, be sure that someone in the area is willing to take responsibility. Provide their information to the boarding facility so that person can step in should an emergency situation arise. Make sure to add this contact person alongside the information of your veterinarian.

A family member or friend that your pupper is familiar with is your best bet.


Dogs aren’t just animals: they’re known as man’s best friend, for a reason. While you’re inseparable most of the time, there are moments when you can’t take them with you, and they have to stay over somewhere else for a bit. For those times, make sure to pack essentials such as a familiar blanket or t-shirt, their favorite snacks and toys, as well as identification.

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